Patricia and Andrew Classes and Workshops.

Monthly Sunday morning workshops,  January through April on the beautiful Island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands.


February 12

Sunday Morning Yoga

9:30 - 11:30 AM

St. John School of the Arts


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Photo:  Allison Berry and Sydney Robinson

Some quotes from happy students...

"Thanks for leading the best classes I’ve ever attended".  FB

"Patricia leads a class to energize, restore and rest your weary body that includes asana and delicious restorative yoga that takes you deep, on a cellular level, to your true inner Self.  Her classes take me on a beautiful journey, to the essence of why I began to study yoga.  Her classes had me walking out blissful and centered and feeling connected to the core!  What a truly yummy treat to experience as a gift to yourself!"  JM

"Always a joy to breathe in your presence and presents.
Thank you for leading my yoga to uncharted realms".  M.B.

" I am eternally grateful for the profound healing and connectedness and peace and Inspiration and so much more that you and Andrew nurture in the Free Flow experience. You are simply The Best"  B.C.

"My continued gratitude for you and Andrew's teaching, leading. offering, creating space and for inner listening, movement, breathing, remembering, resting,healing."  J.M.

"Last night's class was super.  I feel so liquidy this morning, it's like the sea is me. 
Thanks so much for your divine teaching! 

"Thank you so much for a wonderful class tonight. I got to tone down a few notches, and feel like I now have the capacity to reach even more peace.
Bless you!!!"   V.W.

"Patricia, just a quick thank you for the wonderful class on Monday night. I really enjoyed myself, and relished the opportunity to sink deeply inward for a blissful 90 minutes. You are a beautiful yoga teacher, and I was happy to have you guiding me toward those deep, tension-free inner realms. Your students - both here  on St. John, and in Yellow Springs - are blessed."  C.C.

"Patricia, I wanted to thank you for your Monday night classes.They sank deep into my soul, and I'm grateful for the experience.  I connected with your voice in the room.  It felt like a whispering wind floating through a forest of trees bending and swaying by an invisible force that encircled the leaves, branches and trunks, as the roots gripped deeply into the earth."  T.M.


"I am so appreciative of your teaching, Patricia,  and your approach to Yoga.  This, no doubt, has much to do with my interest in the practice.  Yoga has made a difference in my life, and I hear your wonderful voice when I struggle."  J.C. 

"Patricia's masterful and divine yoga classes are spirit water for your yoga soul.   B.K.


Thank you so much for your gift of yoga.
I am so grateful to have been there tonight- I feel myself coming back to myself- Wow- it was a beautiful and healing experiece- all of it.




Angela Farmer

& Victor van Kooten

Courses and Retreats in Greece

Our beloved friends and teachers, Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten have been inspiring us for almost 30 years.

Patricia is their organizer and helps bring students from all over the world to their outstanding Courses and Retreats on the beautiful Island of Lesvos.

The Yoga Hall is situated in a beautiful Valley in Eftalou, a short distance from ancient Molyvos.

A visit to the website: will give you a glimpse into the magic and beauty of the Yoga Hall, Yoga classes, and areas of Eftalou and Molyvos.